Inkas Jupiter TRTL


  • UL TRTL-30 certified
  • UL certified Group 1 manipulation resistant combination lock with spy proof dial
  • Heavy duty construction using high strength steel plates
  • Sophisticated glass relock system activates massive relockers when attacked
  • Bolts inter-lock within reinforced bolt chambers
  • Heavy plate steel frame
  • High quality adjustable hinges
  • 2 hour fire resistance
  • Custom interiors available
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Offering some of the best protection available INKAS® Jupiter series safes are an obvious choice for serious home security. With a UL TRTL-30 rating, these safes are secure from almost all types of burglary attacks including the use of hand and power tools, as well as cutting torches. The Jupiter Series safes will withstand assaults on any of its 6 sides for up to 30 minutes.


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