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Located in the heart of Oshawa, Ontario, our Safe and Vault Shop provides unmatched expertise and dedication in safeguarding your valuables. As the leading safe store and vault shop in the region, we offer specialized locksmith services tailored to meet the needs of our community. Oshawa, with its vibrant history and growing economy, deserves the best in security solutions, and that’s exactly what we deliver. Contact us at (647) 762-7387 or visit our website at to learn more about our services.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Safe and Vault Service in Oshawa, ON

Oshawa Safe and Vault Locksmith

As the leading safe and vault shop in Oshawa, we provide dependable locksmith services for all types of safes and vaults. Whether it’s a routine security check or emergency access, our team is equipped to handle any situation. Choose us for top-notch, safe opening service that ensures your valuables remain secure.

Oshawa Safe Opening Service

Our safe opening service in Oshawa is second to none. Using advanced techniques, we ensure quick, non-destructive access to locked safes. If you’re searching for a safe store that offers reliable opening services, our safe and vault shop is your best choice.

Oshawa Bank Vault Demolition

Our vault shop specializes in the demolition of old bank vaults with precision and safety. Utilizing the latest equipment, we ensure that every demolition project meets stringent safety standards. Trust our safe and vault shop to handle your most challenging projects.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Combination Change

Regular combination changes are essential to maintaining the security of your safe or vault. Our safe store in Oshawa offers expert combination change services, helping to safeguard your sensitive information and valuables. Depend on our safe and vault shop for secure and efficient combination updates.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Lock Upgrade

Upgrade your security with the latest lock technology offered by our vault shop. From biometric systems to electronic locks, our upgrades provide superior protection. Investing in an updated locking system from our safe and vault shop means investing in peace of mind.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Installation

Proper installation of safes and vaults is crucial, and our safe store in Oshawa excels in installing these security systems with precision. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, our safe and vault shop ensures that your new safe is installed flawlessly.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Repair

Even the sturdiest safes and vaults need repairs, and our safe opening service includes comprehensive repair solutions. Our vault shop in Oshawa handles everything from minor repairs to major restorations, ensuring your safe operates perfectly.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Moving

Moving safes and vaults is a delicate task that requires professional expertise. Our safe and vault shop provides specialized moving services to ensure your security installations are transported safely and installed in their new location without issues.

Oshawa Safe and Vault Restoration

Restore your vintage safes and vaults to their original condition with our expert restoration services. At our safe store in Oshawa, we take pride in reviving the glory of antique safes and vaults, ensuring they continue to function efficiently and securely.

Safe and Vault Products - Top Leading Safe Store in Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for top-quality safes and vaults? Visit our safe store in Oshawa, Ontario. We carry a wide range of products to suit various security needs, from residential safes to commercial vaults. Don’t compromise on safety; choose our safe and vault shop for reliable, durable products. Call us today at (647) 762-7387 or explore our offerings online at to find the perfect solution for your security needs.

Rail service had been provided in 1890 by the Oshawa Railway; this was originally set up as a streetcar line, but c. 1910, a second “freight line” was built slightly to the east of Simcoe Street. This electric line provided streetcar and freight service-connected central Oshawa with the Grand Trunk (now Canadian National) Railway, the Canadian Northern (which ran through the very north of Oshawa), and the Canadian Pacific built-in 1912–13. The Grand Trunk operation acquired the Oshawa Railway around 1910, and streetcar service was replaced by buses in 1940. After GM moved its main plants to south Oshawa in 1951, freight traffic fell, and most of the tracks were removed in 1963, although a line to the older remaining “north” plant via Ritson Road remained until 2000.

About Oshawa, Ontario

The Heart of Durham Region

Oshawa, Ontario, is a vibrant city in the Durham Region, well-known for its rich history and significant contribution to Canada’s automotive industry. As the headquarters of General Motors Canada, Oshawa is often heralded as the automotive capital of Canada.

Educational Hub in Eastern GTA

Oshawa boasts a strong educational system anchored by Ontario Tech University and Durham College, which provide a wide range of programs that fuel the local economy and support a thriving community.

Living in Oshawa

The cost of living in Oshawa is generally more affordable compared to Toronto, making it an attractive place for families and professionals. The city combines urban amenities with a small-town feel, offering residents a comfortable and balanced lifestyle.

Places to Visit in Oshawa, ON

Iconic Spots and Hidden Gems

Oshawa is not just an industrial hub; it is also rich with natural beauty and cultural sites. Here are ten must-visit places that showcase the diversity and charm of Oshawa and its surroundings:

  1. Lakefront Park West A beautiful lakeside park offering scenic views, perfect for picnics and leisurely walks along the waterfront.
  2. McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve A sanctuary for nature lovers, this reserve features walking trails and diverse wildlife, ideal for bird watching and hiking.
  3. NEB’s Fun World Oshawa’s premier entertainment venue with bowling alleys, arcade games, and rides, great for family fun days.
  4. Lakeview Park Oshawa This historic park alongside Lake Ontario includes a sandy beach, picnic areas, and the Oshawa Museum.
  5. Oshawa Valleylands Conservation Area Known for its lush green spaces and trails, it’s a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the urban bustle.
  6. Central Oshawa The vibrant heart of the city, filled with shops, restaurants, and cultural venues, reflecting the city’s energy.
  7. Parkwood National Historic Site The grand estate of the founder of General Motors Canada, offering insights into early 20th-century design and architecture.
  8. Ontario Regiment Museum Home to Canada’s largest collection of operational military vehicles, this museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  9. Somerset Park A quiet neighborhood park with facilities for tennis and relaxing strolls, perfect for a day out with the family.
  10. Cordova Park A tranquil setting with ample green space and playground equipment, ideal for family outings and relaxation.


Oshawa, Ontario, seamlessly blends its rich automotive heritage with stunning natural landscapes and a robust cultural scene. Whether you’re exploring its historical sites or enjoying its beautiful parks and reserves, Oshawa offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all ages and interests.

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